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Simone Cimiluca-Radzins is an entrepreneur skilled in international consulting to include large-scale change management and business strategy. With over a decade of experience and a large portfolio of clients who have retained her expertise to implement compliance, corporate governance and standardize processes within industries such as healthcare and finance. Having a successful consulting career for Fortune 500 companies and Big 4 public accounting has added value to her diversified background.

Simone has extensive industry- and sector-specific experience with compliance and risk assessments. She has contributed with critical projects such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) Audits. One of her strong suits is her expertise in local, state, federal and international regulatory and compliance frameworks. Simone’s experience has helped her clients mitigate compliance risk.

As a thought leader who knows what truly drives success.

Simone is on a constant quest to continue to be a voice of change, helping other entrepreneurs and startups to reach success. She has landed coverage in print and podcasts around the world, including Entrepreneurship and Economics Q&A sessions, entrepreneur.com and LAweekly.com.

"The Sky is the limit."

Her Favorite Mindset

Author and CEO.

She is a published author of “The Secret to Running a Successful and Compliant Canna-business: Everything that you wanted to know about Cannabis and Finance but were afraid to ask ” – advocating compliance and operating a successful business.

She is also the CEO of Kalogia.
The host of the leading podcast – Cannabis Business Minds.
The founder of the Cannabis Women’s Empowerment Summit.

Known Around the world.

Speaking Engagements

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    An approach to business and working with US companies

In the Media

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