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Join a 10-week program that teaches you how to build a profitable business

Does this sound like your life as an entrepreneur?

  • You’re working on multiple areas of your business throughout the day
  • You’re responsible for sales, marketing, budgeting, and actually delivering your services and products to your clients
  • You find it hard to know where to focus, everything seems like a priority
  • You feel overwhelmed when it comes to the numbers behind your business, isn’t that just for your accountant at year end?
  • You’re giving it 150%, but you’re not seeing the results that you know you deserve.

If you answered yes to any of the above, Profit Accelerator is your solution.

Profit Accelerator is for you if you need help with numbers, business strategy, and clarity and direction.

Is Profit Accelerator for me?

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to the numbers behind your business?

You feel overwhelmed when it comes to the numbers behind your business. You know you need a budget, but you don’t even know how to get started.  

Are you operating without a strategy?

You need help developing your sales and marketing strategy. You don’t have a solid sales plan or feel comfortable with selling and marketing your services. 

Do you need direction and clarity?

You feel lost and frustrated with knowing where to focus and where to spend your time. You need help to focus on the business and organizational side of your business.  

Do you need more support?

  • You are a solo-preneuer or have a small team
  • You are in the early stages of your business
  • Your business is not growing, and you don’t know why
  • You want help with the financial strategy of your business
  • You need help with getting clear on your offerings and value
  • You are taking on many different tasks and need help prioritizing them
  • You are constantly doubting yourself to make business decisions and want a support system
  • You need help with refining your messaging to your audience

Imagine yourself with the right tools and techniques to run a profitable business



Your mindset, your energy, and the action you take each will help create momentum and carry you to the finish line.


Focus on the end game in mind. Set realistic and timely goals, build a roadmap to achieve the goals, and test the roadmap.


Build systems that you can reuse and re-purpose. Make your business work for you and save time and money while doing it.


Knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of business success. Focus on cash flow, budgeting, and your key performance indicators.

What you'll learn in the Profit Accelerator

Each week we will spend covering a new module for your business.

Defining your Value

Create your value proposition and hone in your messaging.

Understand your Target Market

Define your target market and ideal customer avatar.

Product Pricing and Packaging

Position your products and services and package them to your customers.

Sales Strategy & Tactics

Build your sales strategy and learn best in class sales tactics and techniques.

Marketing Strategy & Tactics

Build a marketing strategy that works for you and your business and meets the needs of your sales goals.

Weekly Coaching & Q&A

Each week we will have 3 hours of dedicated coaching on each of the modules.


What Students Are Saying!

I came in basically clueless and left with a great plan! Since that day I've taught my team everything you advised. And it has been great!

Diana N.CPA

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Simone.” ‘Ridiculously driven’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Simone.”

Lesa M.Director of HR

Simone is a warm and engaging person. She has a mentoring spirit and strives to help others reach their goals.

Jess C.Accountant

Still on the Fence?

I’m sure you still have a lot of questions about what the Profit Accelerator can do for you, and if you’re a right fit. Let me get some answers to your questions.

I'm afraid it wont work for my business

Profit Accelerator is a program designed to help service and product-based entrepreneurs implement more finance, sales, and marketing strategy in their business. If you need direction, developing a business strategy, and improving your profit margin, this program is for you.

I’m not good with things that are too techy or online.

If one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is important to be online. Profit Accelerator teaches you basic systems and functionality. You do not need to be a tech genius to join Profit Accelerator.

Do I have enough time for Profit Accelerator?

You will need to put time, focus, and energy into your business during profit accelerator to see results. Just like going to the gym, your business is a muscle. The minimum amount of time you need to commit to your business each week is 5 hours. This will be hands-on activities you can implement into your business.

Is this the right time for the stage of business I am in?

You might be thinking that you’ll be ready for Profit accelerator when you’ve finished your website or gotten farther along in your business. The best time to join Profit Accelerator is when you’ve developed your business idea and need to refine and implement a strategy.  You can run website development in tandem with Profit Accelerator.

How frequently do you meet?

You will receive THREE hours of LIVE support every single week throughout the duration of this training! That means twice a week, we will meet as a group for 90 minutes and you’ll receive further training on that week’s lesson, along with living Q&A sessions to ensure all your questions and issues are answered. This live component and ability to receive in-the-moment-support is truly what makes this training like nothing else available today. Sessions will all be recorded, and you will have access for life!

Is Profit Accelerator for me?

If you are hard working, ambitious, and ready to step into your genius zone, you are a perfect candidate for Profit Accelerator. If you are still trying to figure out your business idea, this program is not for you. 

When are the program dates?

Profit Accelerator meets 2 times per year. 

  • January 11- March 15
  • September 6 – November 12

Where do I access the trainings?

Profit Accelerator is held online and you will access the live meetings via our calendar link and recordings in your membership portal.

Ready for a big return on your investment?

Unlock more than 20 hours of training and the tools and techniques to build a profitable business. You can unlock $10,000 in value, for this unbeatable price.

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You can stop feeling confused, frustrated with the results that you are getting. It's time to focus on building your revenue and your profit.

It's time for building a profitable business!

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