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Financial Coaching

These videos will help you complete the Annual Financial Template and help you set financial goals that are achievable, realistic, and you can feel empowered about. If you haven’t make sure you download your Financial Workbook here –> https://scr.ck.page/products/goals


You can watch the how to use the template guide here -> https://youtu.be/knw15Ks9FfI 

Performing your business assessment

Your first step is performing your business assessment. This is a key reflection of the areas that you need you excelled in and need to improve on. The template also walks you through some important financial metrics that you want to be focused on!


Setting your Annual Goals

Your second step is setting your financial goals. Financial Goals are goals. Financial goals can be anything that is related to your personal life as an entrepreneur or your business.

Some of the areas that you can set goals in can include:

  • Retirement (Personal Goal)
  • Paying off Debt (Personal or Business Goal)
  • Personal Distributions (Personal)
  • Sales Goals (Business)
  • Net Income Goals (Business)
  • Growth Goals (Business)
  • Re-investment Goals (Business)

Often times our goals are interrelated, so you’ll want to make sure that you are able to leverage any resources in your goal planning. Whatever goals you set, make sure that you complete the roadmap in the template.


Monthly Planning and Reflection

We are only as good as the action that we take. The last thing that you want to do is set some amazing goals and not plan or assess your plan. In this video, we’ll go over the monthly best practices in reaching your financial goals.