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Financial Coaching

As we wrap up the year-end, there’s a lot to reflect on, be thankful for, and give ourselves grace with.

As part of the year process as a business owner, there are definitely some key areas of your business that you will want to focus on before starting the 2021 year.

In this video, I’ve detailed out the best practices for wrapping up the Year-End Financially Strong.


What you’ll get from this video:

  1. What you should be focused on RIGHT NOW
  2. The importance of the Finalize, Analyze, and Process Process
  3. How to look at year-end using the Numbers, Growth, and Stagnation Framework
  4. Questions and Reflection Prompt to help you and your team assess your performance.

It’s important that you spend time adding this reflection component to your business performance. It is yields to growth and change!