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You’ve decided to take the leap into building something on your own!

A new side hustle that hopefully turns into your only hustle; a passion project that brings in a few hundred bucks a month, or a new skill that you are able to make some money on!

First and foremost, congratulations!

How amazing it is to be able to create income and wealth from a source other than your employer. Many people aspire to be in your shoes, so KUDOS to you!

Being self-employed has a ton of advantages, from creating your own schedule and being directly involved in your customer relationships.

But with this extra income, comes a ton of extra responsibility. Responsibility to be accountable to yourself, to be accountable to your customers, and a responsibility to be accountable to UNCLE SAM.

We are going to take you on training that will help you feel confident about the road ahead. We’ll teach you tax planning strategies, give you guidance on what forms you’ll need to fill out, and tax-saving strategies that will leave you feeling confident.

One of the most often overlooked areas for new business owners in the finances and administrative side of doing business. Creating your logo, developing your marketing plan, and finding your first customers are definitely more fun than creating a legal entity, working on your invoicing structure, and analyzing the numbers.

The untold truth is, getting your admin ducks in a row, feeling comfortable about your numbers, and knowing the steps to get started are all very simple and straightforward.


Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA