I'm Simone, Founder of Women Money Makers

Thanks for dropping by and learning about Women Money Makers. Women are starting and building businesses at a historically fast pace. However, most women run businesses are struggling with sales, marketing, and building strong cash flow. The percent of women business owners that reach the 6 figure income mark is staggering low – just 15% of all entrepreneurs.

I’m on a mission to help facilitate massive financial growth for women entrepreneurs around the world. As a CPA with more than 15 years of working with some of the largest companies in the world and helping startups and small businesses, I have seen what it takes first hand to build a profitable and rewarding business.

"Goals are Dreams with Deadlines"

Let’s set some goals together!

We need more financially free women entrepreneurs

We’ve got one goal at Women Money Makers: Help you build a profitable business. Whether you are in the idea phase of your business, just launching, or have been operating for a few years we are here to help you set your financial goals and build a plan to achieve them. We have experience raising capital, improving your cash flow, and building and developing business.

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A simple and achievable philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and built on goal setting, planning, and action.  We believe that successful entrepreneurship is built on mindset, resources, strategy, and cash flow. We work with women to build achievable plans and upskill in key areas of business and finance.