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One of the most important things in building your business is building reliable income. It’s important to focus on your sales as it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your bottom line.

Sometimes finding people that can buy your service or product is a tricky matter, however with the right sales strategies for your business you can increase your sales and revenue numbers.


  1. Offer New Services and Products to Your Existing Clients

The cost of acquiring new customers is higher than selling to your existing and loyal client base. One of the fastest ways to increase your sales is through offering new products or services to your current clients. Some of your products or offerings may be outdated or your customers may require additional help to solve some of their problems.  Bringing a new product on the market that addresses your current customer’s problems can help increase your sales. Plus, everyone likes it when their provider of choice appears with a new service.

  1. Build a High-Ticket Item into Your Offering

High-ticket items may cost more, but many clients appreciate them for the fact that they bring greater quality.  Not only can you generate a lot more profit from high ticket items, but they can also help you with your authority status and your position. A high-ticket item can set you up as a professional in your niche – therefore, generating more sales.

  1. Build a Bundle Offer

Everyone likes a good bundle offer. Some may not be likely to buy the products separately, but when they see the bargain they can receive with that bundle offer, they are more inclined to buy. How you position your bundle offer matters. You want to make sure that you are showing the value, offering an incredible deal, but not diluting your brand value.

  1. Implement a Cross-Selling Program

Cross selling is incentivizing your customers to buy ancillary or complementary add-on products or services. For every product that the customer adds to the cart, you are recommending another (usually less expensive) product that they can get alongside their chosen product. For e-commerce stores, this is a process that can be automated quite quickly. If you are in consultative sales, you can also add this to your sales process or intake form.

  1. Build a Recurring Revenue Stream into Your Business

There is nothing better than some MRR. Monthly recurring revenue. Building a recurring revenue stream in your business can help you significantly increase your overall sales and have a reliable income. By creating contracts, you can ensure the continuity and perhaps even growth of sales over time. These recurring revenue streams could make your business seem more appealing to buyers if your offering can match their needs.


Increasing your sales is a strategy. It requires focus, knowing your numbers, and seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Building a sales strategy takes time and it will take time to see actual results. Making sure that you have an irresistible offer that speaks to your customers is important.  The more attracted they are to what you have to offer, the more likely they are to choose you in favor of your competition.