Simone Cimiluca-Radzins

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My Why

My passion is to help entrepreneurs and business owners that want to take their lives and business to the next level but need the operational and financial insight to do so. Through my affordable trainings, online courses, and community projects, my goal is to develop 10,000 entrepreneurs to reach the financial freedom they deserve.

About Me

I’m a CPA and recognized entrepreneur well-versed and skilled in international consulting to include large-scale change management and business strategy. I have over a decade of experience and a large portfolio of clients who have retained her expertise to implement compliance, corporate governance and standardize processes within industries such as healthcare and finance. I had a successful career in consulting or Fortune 500 companies and Big 4 public accounting before entering into the Cannabis industry in 2014.

I am on a constant quest to continue to be a voice of change, helping other entrepreneurs and startups to reach success. I’ve landed coverage in print and podcasts around the world, including Entrepreneurship and Economics Q&A sessions, and I’m the published author of “The Secret to Running a Successful and Compliant Canna-business”, the CEO of Kalogia, the host of the leading podcast – Cannabis Business Minds, and the founder of the Cannabis Women’s Empowerment Summit.

My a mindset is “the sky is the limit”, which I have tattoed on my wrist.