Do You Have Cash-Flow Problems in Your Business?

A business deserves to think about their customers before thinking about their finances. Let’s start with assessing your current operations, determine your goals and defining the best path by implementing best practices in business and finance.

About me


I’m Simone Cimiluca-Radzins.

A CPA, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Financial Advisor.

I’m best helping companies and business owners that have an idea and need a sounding board with a financial background.

I can help a company navigate risk and strategy, increase their cash flow, and think more strategically.

I believe that the foundation a company builds will set them apart from their competition and be their competitive advantage.

Through organizational development, budgeting and forecasting techniques and methods, I help entrepreneurs navigate through both unchartered and familiar waters.

Services Offered

Business Strategy and Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Strategic planning helps business owners define their objectives, understand their value proposition, all while building a strategic and achievable roadmap. Does your business have a plan?

Financial Roadmapping

Financial roadmapping helps business owners assess their product profitability, break even points, and builds a roadmap to maximizing cash flow. Is your business struggling with cash flow?

Organizational Governance

Organizational governance helps reduce operational fires, confused employees, and communication silos, all while helping your business reduce risk. Does you business go from putting out one fire to another?

Executive Accountability

Everyone needs to be held accountable to achieve goals and ask for advice. In the executive accountability program, we will work on achieving one goal together over the course of six months. Do you need an accountability partner?


Simone’s Methodology


Schedule a Call

Discovery Session to diagnose the problem.

Strategy Session

Strategy Session to build a roadmap.

Execution and Implementation


Analyze and Assess


Monitor and Maintain


“Great source of information and strategies for putting together a compliant canna-business model!”

“Highly recommend Simone’s services if you're in need of an extremely intelligent, warm, and energetic advisor to help take your business to new heights.”

“Inspired and motivated to move forward with my business. I felt validated in my ideas and confident in the strategy I’ve put together!”

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